Manifesto for Creative Excellence

1   Have standards so high that you’re not surprised by valid criticism.


2   Better to be an imperfect doer than an expert with an empty portfolio.


3   Failure is just the process of getting there; the faster you fail, the faster you’ll succeed.


4   Meditate like your success depends upon it. 


5   The cool kids are afraid. Be uncool, earnest, and excited.


6  Work hard in the morning. Be creative at night. (Drink coffee in the afternoon.)


7   Always be reading and learning about everything. You’ll never be the expert on all the things but you’ll be interesting, flexible, and creative.


8   Care enough that you want to be generous and good.


9   If you don’t care enough, don’t touch anything.


10   Embrace change joyfully or prepare to lose and cry a lot.


11   If everyone likes it, it’s probably only adequate.


12   Show your work at early stages when it’s easier to kill your darlings.


13   Every writer needs an editor.


14   Always let other people reject you. Don’t pre-reject yourself by not trying.


15   If your success depends upon you being “discovered”, it is already failure. Put in the hours.