Our team is whip-smart but approachable.
We treat your business as if it was our own. You know that friend you can trust to tell you about the food stuck in your teeth? We’re that.

We are an intersectional feminist company. We believe science is a real thing. We value diversity of representation. We support our local economy. We believe in collaboration. We love what we do. Our clients do too.

Risk Creative was formed in August 2016, combining two small studios. We dream of growing Risk into a magnet for enthusiastic, brainy creatives who are kind, bold and brave with their politics, who think and work fast and hard. We want to work with people who value creating accessible products that feel like safe spaces for a diverse population.  

We believe in work-life balance, but for our goals this doesn’t quite look like 9-5, M-F hours. Producing good creative work might require staying on the inspiration train until the track runs out at 4am; doctors don’t stop operating because it’s supper time and we don’t close up our MacBooks at 5:30pm when the creativity’s flowing. Our work style is Agile

Like every other coastal creative agency run by young(ish) hipster liberals, we aim to be “different” and dream of “making a difference,” whatever that means given our limited reach with design and content. Of course, we practice being “ninjas”. We love coffee, plaid shirts, wry comedy, vinyl records, and making things. And while we’re not exactly saving the world here, we’re trying our hardest to not break it further. This is all to say that in some of the most conspicuous ways, sure, we’re just like everyone else.

Then again, the feedback we get tells us that in some ways we are tangibly different. We bring a lot of intersectional lived experience and knowledge to our work. We consume media every single day on business, design, politics, culture, tech, science, psychology, and thereby know at least a little about a lot of industries and topics—which makes a big difference when working on your project. We recognize patterns quickly and avoid implementing the same ol’ trends in design or content without good reason for them. We ask questions no one has ever asked you before. We listen intently, take in a lot of information which may be communicated to us in a random flurry, and we’re unafraid of sounding naïve or silly with our questions— ultimately an asset to you. The result: We learn quickly and we become a part of your team, able to work on your projects holistically. We synthesize all this information, then communicate it to your audience in a more specific and persuasive language than you’ve ever used. Your budget will be the greatest determining factor in the quality of your project and our ability to do great work. 

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