Our Mistakes

Fixing mistakes made by Risk Creative are not considered to be revisions. They are our mistakes and we will fix them at our cost, period. If we have made a mistake we cannot fix on time, we will offer compensation approximate to the consequence to the client. We do not guarantee error-free work; we do guarantee our own concern for errors and a desire to make things right.

Client Mistakes

The client is expected to communicate well their own needs, information, and vision. We will verify anything confusing. If, after clarifying, the client is surprised at the final deliverable, because they misunderstood terminology or process and so they provided incorrect or short-sighted instructions, they will be expected to pay full revision costs. Education is expensive! 🙂 That said, it’s in our best interest, too, to make sure we understand you the first time. We know that if our clients understood our work, our process, and industry terminology as well as we do, they’d likely be completing the work themselves; so we do not expect effortless and flawless communication. We do expect clients to know the difference between a .jpeg and a jay leg, a peg leg, and Peg’s pet jay’s leg. 

Minor Revisions

These include spelling mistakes, colour changes, typeface changes—anything that takes less than 15 minutes to correct, including opening, changing, and re-exporting the file.

Major Revisions

Everything else. Even sourcing a new photo can be a major revision because of the requirements placed on what that photo needs to communicate and not communicate. Finding an entirely new colour palette is a major revision. Changing a paragraph of text can be a super major revision, because it can throw off the layout of an entire document. Sometimes changing one thing on one page really means changing 20 pages. A major revision should still be fixable within an hour. If a major revision will take more than an hour, we will explain the situation to the client in advance, and make them aware of a maximum cost.


Pricing Balances Out Over Time

We do not negotiate pricing after the deliverable has been rendered. Any concerns, petitions, or agreements need to be addressed before engagement. We have created our pricing lists with time-spent averages, and value, in mind. If upon receipt of the deliverable, the client does not understand the price in relation to the finished product, because it does not seem like it would have taken much time to produce, we ask the client to keep in mind that they will one day have a project for us that will take more time than average but will still be charged the amount on their price list. Pricing balances out over time.

On Seemingly Simple Design Work

Clients may look at finished design or copywriting work and fail to see how the simple, pared back result is equal to the price charged, mistakingly believing that minimalistic work means less time spent. It’s actually faster sometimes to create overwrought or overdone design and writing. Clean work means that we applied a rigorous editing process, asking how each element serves a needed purpose.

Pricing Structure Takes Longevity Into Account

A poster has a finite lifespan. It will only produce limited returns. An identity or brand will hopefully be used for decades and become iconic— if your business plan and the economy produce the results you want. Branding identity sets the stage for all marketing down the road, and it works for you the entire time you’re in business or until you rebrand. If we make something so on-the-mark that you can can use it for decades, we will charge rates based on usage and value, not based on the time it took to create.

Usage & Ownership

Our clients are free to use the logos they pay for, everywhere they like, without paying any licensing fees. Our clients receive original files so that if they want to create design materials in-house, they can do so without paying us, so long as they do not alter the logo. 

Copyright of Logos
Risk Creative retains copyright of logos created. This means that altering the logo can only be done through a contract with Risk Creative. Any altering of a logo or rebrand based off of a logo created by Risk Creative will be viewed as copyright infringement. It would be like if you saw a logo somewhere that you liked, and you handed it to your designer and said, “Make it just like this, but change this one little thing.” You’d be in breech of copyright infringement. The same applies when you take our work and then create a new logo largely based off of what we’ve done, without paying us for the inspiration for the new logo. It’s especially problematic if a new designer claims that logo revision in their portfolio when it’s based off of our work. It’s also a problem when a client changes a logo just enough that it no longer meets our standard of quality, and any potential new clients of ours see this work and assume that we made the revisions. It impacts our reputation. When we price out work, we take into consideration our ability to leverage the finished product in the future to land new clients. If we can’t point potential clients to your website and say, “Check out this work that we did,” because it’s no longer our work, but it appears to still be our work, just not at the quality level we’d want, it’s the worst of both circumstances for us. We can’t stop you from wanting a new logo or from wanting to use a new designer, but we can put some financial constraints in place to dissuade you from making your new logo confusing to our future potential clients, and from potentially hurting our design reputation. Any questions about where the line should be drawn when rebranding or changing relationships can be taken up with us and we’ll be as flexible and reasonable as we can; we don’t want enemies, we just want to protect our work. 🙂

In Perpetuity
We retain rights to use completed projects and any preliminary designs for the purpose of design competitions, future publications on design, educational purposes and the marketing of our business. Any logo drafts unused by the client are our sole property and may be used for other clients or displayed by us in sales or portfolio materials.