Summit Yearbooks needed a massive set of resources to hit the market quickly. A noncompete agreement threatened the cofounders from creating their yearbook publishing company sooner than a couple of weeks before school started, when they would be able to obtain new sales accounts.

We managed, in just two weeks, to create a branding identity, then scrap it for an entirely new branding identity, marketing flyers, business cards, a responsive WordPress website with content, a blog with content, social media accounts and content (in particular a Pinterest account full of resources for students), a pitch deck to be accepted into Viatec’s business Accelerator program, and a design resources website for schools full of free-sourced beautiful graphics and fonts. In addition, we created a website for each school called Campsite, where teachers and students could upload their photos to one resource location; where teachers could create surveys to be filled out by the student body to use in yearbook content; and where students and parents could purchase yearbooks and school swag made by the yearbook team, via the print-on-demand store we created for them.