Brand Identity & Website:
SHIFT Collaborative

SHIFT formed the summer of 2017 when five brilliant women joined their backgrounds in government, non-profit, and community change management to create one talented and focused agency.  

The larger a team, the longer it takes to finalize a logo identity. SHIFT requested something clean and modern suggesting movement or transition, with a generous use of colour, and reflecting a balance of masculine and feminine. Ten or so original drafts later, we settled upon two contenders, and some local considerations tipped the scales in favour of what you see here.

When a brand identity needs to come together quickly with a team of more than two people, the best strategy is usually to make as many rough ideas as possible, without them being too similar to each other.  

The final draft and the website take some design inspiration from Swissted design (Risk Creative’s f-f-f-avourite design style), using classic typography, thin black underlining, bright colours, and overlapping shapes— an elegant yet slightly edgy style for a female-run agency working with government and other conservative organizations. The headlines in the first fold of three pages shifts and blends, to transform from one phrase to another, tying in with their name, their work, and their brand.