Branding & Website Development

The Mandatories

You need a clear branding identity to guide every professional move you make. It will communicate tangible and intangible information about you to the people who are out there waiting to love you. You can start as small as getting a great logo, business card, and website; or go as big as a plan for how your company washrooms will operate and what music will play in your lobby. So much confusion and indecision, and so many inconsistencies, dissipate when you have a considered branding guide to use and distribute to all staff. Want to feel more grounded and fated for success? Let us help!


Content Writing & Editing

The Necessaries

Writing for the web and writing for print are vastly different. Every piece of writing has different rules and needs. Comma splices, passive writing, and plodding pace are just the beginning of the editing necessary for powerful writing. We’ve edited and rewritten non-fiction books, loads of web copy, cover letters, speeches, essays, sales copy, and more. We’ve even won some awards. Would you like to catch up on some Netflix prison sentences while we finesse your word sentences? Contact our wordsmiths today!


Print Design

The Ooh-la-la Stuff

We create materials to immediately grab attention and answer all the most important questions a target market will ask, in as few words or pictures possible. Give us your complex ideas and we will explain them in ways anyone can understand, leading people from one piece of collateral to another, through your sales pipeline. Business cards, banners, ads, brochures, product packaging… just try to stump us.  


Marketing & Social Media

The Promotionals

According to a BDC survey, small-to-medium-sized businesses spend an average of $31,000/year on marketing. Spend it all wisely. Content marketing needs a strategy and that strategy needs metrics to test results. We help create sales pipelines and help you automate them. In partnership with Carmella Consulting, we start with high-end social media content. Then, we write share-worthy blog posts and opt-in offers to build your lead list. We create MailChimp newsletter strategies, Google AdWords campaigns, analytics reports, Facebook targeted marketing, benefits-rich marketing copy, print-on-demand shops, and creative campaigns… or what fits best with your business and your budget.  Learn more.