When we met Katelin Leblond and Tara Smith-Arnsdorf of PAREdown, the Canadian leading authorities on the Zero Waste movement, they were yet unnamed. We brainstormed several names for them and created “PAREdown” to establish their brand first, and the zero waste movement second, allowing them to bring other initiatives in under the umbrella of their brand.

A young family member made PAREdown’s elegant minimalistic logo, and they hired someone to create an explainer video. We needed to bring it all together into a responsive website to suit their brand for the next few years. Their plans for monitizing would be further down the line. In the meantime, the two owners needed an affordable website they could manage themselves, to keep costs down. We used a well-supported theme on a WordPress platform, with an Amazon store, and created an explainer video to show them how to edit, update, and use their website. We integrated social sharing functionality and websites metrics, showing them how to monitor their traffic and use different analysis tools to track media initiatives.

Because zero waste can trigger a scarcity mentality in people, we focused on a website that would be inviting and suggestive of the abundance which people are sometimes surprised to find when they get into their zero waste lifestyle. As the primary caretakers of families and even businesses, women lead lifestyle changes. The site design and copy targets women.

We provided consultation on social media, blogging and monitizing; sourced and edited the photography; wrote and edited the copy; and designed and built the site from first discussion to launch in our ten day allotted time before Earth Day.

PAREdown quickly found its way into several media such as CBC and CTV. Their story messaging, Leblond and Smith-Arnsdorf’s high likability factor, and their branding have all helped PAREdown get a great start in their first year since launch.