Hülle Consulting

Hülle is an early childhood education consulting company with impressive experience and vision operating since its inception without a “storefront.” We created a logo to reflect both the subject matter of child education and the company values of diversity. In Dutch, “hulle” means “they/them” and in German “hülle” means to envelope, encapsulate. The name symbolizes a genderless, welcoming hug. We wanted the website to feel warm, childlike but not childish, and to be straightforward, acting as a graduated business card with a blog for communicating company values, perspectives and ideas for parents and organizations or businesses wanting to establish on-site childcare. The rigid lines used to separate folds and service offerings remind us of masculinity and corporate websites, while the circles and curvy elements throughout the site obviously reference femininity and childhood—bubbles and balls.

We had a lot of fun working on seven different logo concepts for Hülle. President Kendra Farley wrote her own excellent copy, edited by Risk Creative, and we created some new business cards which will work amazingly with spot gloss in places. 

We were deeply impressed by Ms. Farley’s knowledge and vision for day care and other childhood education programs in British Columbia and we recommend getting on her waiting list quickly.