We like to capture the real comments we receive from clients when they get to see the results of their trust in us. Asking for testimonials results in canned, inauthentic-sounding statements; we want you to appreciate the enthusiasm expressed here as much as we do. 

“It’s amazing how quickly this is coming together – you guys are amazing.”

-Stephanie O’Brien, Baldy Mountain Resort business development proposal design and copywriting

“Natasha is amazing. She is a visionary and trendsetter. I would highly recommend Risk Creative for your on-line marketing!”

-Carla Bond-Fisher, Sticks + Stones, website maintenance, marketing

“Your comments and changes are fantastically helpful and pretty much on-cue. While I appreciate your offer to carve off time by not putting in whole explanations, I did really find the explanations helpful – and quite frankly it gave me the necessary understanding of the level of your skill that made me want to hire you. […] Great news about being under budget. I really appreciate your honesty on this. Thanks so much for the excellent work! I spent the day (and then some) going through the document, agreeing with all your changes and adjusting the parts required to take your comments into consideration. Really very helpful so thank you very much!!! Your assistance just makes the confidence in our website just that much greater!”

-Jordon Kuschminder, IndependentSP.com, (extraction consulting firm website in redevelopment) editing services

“You were flexible and responsive […] We are really happy with the end product and appreciate where you went the extra mile. We have had very positive feedback about the site and we are really happy with the final product.”

-Stacy Barter, SHIFT Collaborative, website and logo

“Thank you for everything. I am very happy with everything, and also very comforted that you supported me learning how to make edits. The website looks so lovely, and I am glad I made the investment. One girl, when I showed her my business card, said it was the most beautiful one she had ever seen! 😉 I am so proud of [the website] already and am looking forward to showing everyone!”

-Lindsay Redman, Liferoots Counselling, website, copy, branding, print design

“I am gob-smacked. […] Thank you. Wow, we were very, very lucky.”

-Sara Cassidy, Writer and Founder of Victoria Writers Festival (now Victoria Festival of Authors), photography, graphic design

“LOVED your edits. They are super, duper, wonderfully helpful. [Y]our writing and thinking […] are very sharp.”

John Dehlin, PhD, academic editing services, research

“WOW!!! You have been busy! Looking at it right now and it looks amazing!”

-Stacy Barter, BC Healthy Communities, website and logo refresh

“Someone from an Edmonton Public Speaking Bureau called me today to see if I’d join their ranks. […] He LOVED THE WEBSITE. 🙂 […] A friend [who works in corporate at Hewlett Packard in Canada] said he loved the site. It made him want to come back to it. He said it’s all about the marketing.”

-Michelle Brewer, website design and web copy

“I received your back cover rewrite for my book and was impressed by the poignant and yet casual manner of your description – much like the stories themselves. Your accurate choice of words are ones that wouldn’t have occurred to me. Thanks again for lending your underlying talent to this process … [I am] deeply moved by the overall sentiment, as well.”

-Fred P., book marketing services

“You really did such an amazing job pulling all of this together so quickly. Your talent and incredible vision created something we never imagined possible. We feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with you.”

-Tara Smith-Arnsdorf,  PAREdown, website, naming

“I received at least four, “Oh my god, your site is beautiful” comments today while at CBC. They were blown away that you did it [from first concept interview to completion] in ten days!”

-Katelin Leblond, PAREdown

“I’m good at what I do. There’s little to fix when I’m done with a piece. Natasha is the white-gloved inspector with an impressive radar for misplaced commas and off-kilter wording—the hidden, less-obvious flaws. I show up with great and leave with perfection. She uses science to create beautiful art. She picks on my ‘tells’ and pushes me to ‘show.’ She has an eye for detail. It’s why I choose her every time.”

-Shannon Fisher, Republic Of Quality​, editing services

“Yes, this is exactly what I wanted. Thank you for making it sound so polished! […] It’s been such a pleasure to work with you.”

-Marie Loh, Soloh Solutions, copy

“Two, four, six, eight, who do I appreciate? NATASHA, NATASHA, YAAAAY, NATASHA! Just wanted to re-iterate how much I LOVE your product descriptions and the write-up for my About Me page. I had no doubt that you would come up with something fun! You’re awesome! Thank you!!”

-Cathy Patterson, HipMelon, web copy

“I love my job, and working with you!!! THIS is what it’s all about for me. I really appreciate all you do for me: The referrals, your kind words, enthusiasm, inspiration…. thanks! :o) You’re a lot of fun!!!”

-Jeanette Duguay, Jentekk, working partnership

“First, let me say that you have a gift for words. Nice work. Overall, I think this is exactly the right tone for the message I want the user to get it, more about benefits than features. Nice call.”

-Ron Miller, web copy for health tech start-up

“First and foremost, thank you for taking such time and care to send me your thoughts and your edits to date! Like I said before, each step is a learning step and already your insights are leading me in a better direction with the book content and continuity. I love the lessons you have included with passive and active voice!! I love when you point out what doesn’t work or seems out of place. There are many points that we agree on and I think I was looking for a second eye that could confirm what I was thinking.”

-Heather K., author, editing services

“Thank you again! The resume you helped me build was wonderful and eye catching, I have already had plenty of success! Of the first three resumes I sent out, two interviews and two job offers immediately followed. I also believe the presentation of my skills, through your expert touch, was what helped one perspective employer to look past the job I applied for and move to offer me management!”

-Sandra Smith (name changed to protect privacy), résumé and cover letter design and writing